Inicio Concept Cars Honda presents new electric car series for China

Honda presents new electric car series for China

Honda has unveiled the Ye series, a completely new EV lineup for the Chinese market. Honda already presented the first models in this series, namely the Ye P7 and Ye S7. The Japanese company plans to launch a total of six models in the Ye series in China by 2027. The third Ye model is already on the horizon, albeit currently still in the form of a concept car, with the Ye GT Concept.

The three models now presented, including both the two production vehicles and the concept car, are to be exhibited at Auto China 2024 in Beijing from 25 April so that customers and the industry can get a first impression of the new electric vehicles.

Honda currently offers the e:N series EV models in China, where the electrification of cars is progressing rapidly, and the brand new Ye series models are intended to complement the product range accordingly. The new series was named after the Chinese character ‘烨’, which means ‘shining brightly’. This represents Honda’s desire to give all drivers of Ye series models the opportunity to unleash their innermost passions through the “joy of driving” and let their individuality shine brightly, the company said in a press release. Ye Series models will also carry the new “H” badge, which was developed exclusively for Honda’s next-generation electric vehicles.

Ye P7 and Ye S7

The first models in the Ye series, the Ye P7 and Ye S7, were designed on the basis of a newly developed EV platform and will be available in two variants – as a single-motor model with rear-wheel drive and as a twin-motor model with all-wheel drive. According to Honda, both variants focus on the “joy of driving”. The rear-wheel drive variant has been developed for sporty and crisp handling, while the all-wheel drive variant is designed to offer both high performance and responsive handling “realize driving at the will of the driver”.

The inside of the vehicle is characterized by a spacious cabin, which allows both front and rear seat occupants to enjoy a comfortable ride and a “driving experience with a sense of intelligence”. The vehicle designs reflect the style and image that each model aspires to: The Ye P7 is designed to express a seamless, sophisticated and intelligent sense of the future, according to Honda, while the Ye S7 is designed to convey a more emotional sense of the future that stimulates people who see the vehicle, Honda said.

The new Ye P7 and Ye S7 models are expected to come onto the market at the end of 2024. Honda has not yet provided any technical performance data.

As similar as the two models are, they will not roll off the production line together. The Ye P7 will be built by GAC Honda, a joint venture between Honda and the GAC Group, while the Ye S7 will be built by Dongfeng Honda, a joint venture between Honda and Dongfeng Motor.

Ye GT Concept

The Ye GT Concept is a concept model developed with the aim of creating a model that “represents Honda EVs in China”, as the Japanese company puts it. In line with the low and wide silhouette of the GT (Grand Tourer), the driver’s seat is designed to immerse the driver in the driving experience, much like a racing driver. The driving performance and handling of the Ye GT Concept are also designed to be even sportier. For the passenger, a remote display will be used for the first time in a Honda car, providing a sense of depth and a big screen experience, offering a space that is said to be comparable to a private cinema.

The series models based on the Ye GT Concept are scheduled to go on sale before the end of 2025.

Author: Florian Treiß