Inicio EV Stellantis-baked Leapmotor C16 applied for a sales license in China

Stellantis-baked Leapmotor C16 applied for a sales license in China

The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) exposed the specs of the Stellantis-baked Leapmotor C16 SUV as it applied for the sales license. It is a mid-to-large SUV with BEV and EREV powertrain variants. Inside, the Leapmotor C16 has six seats. It will become a rival of the Aito M7. Later, the C16 can enter the global market.

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Leapmotor is a new energy Chinese brand founded in 2015. Last year, it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Stellantis, the fourth-biggest world automaker. They have created a joint venture called Leapmotor International. It was previously reported that Leapmotor will enter Poland and Malaysia. Its current model line comprises four vehicles: C10 and C11 SUVs, C01 sedan, and T03 hatchback. Soon, Leapmotor will launch the fifth model, the C16 flagship crossover.

More about the Leapmotor C16

The Leapmotor C16 stands on the Leap 3.0 architecture and follows the brand’s latest design language. It has a closed front end with distinguishing headlights, retractable door handles, and a single taillight unit. The Leapmotor C16 boasts hefty dimensions of 4915/1905/1770 mm. Its wheelbase reaches 2825 mm. it is 5 mm longer than the wheelbase of the Aito M7 from Huawei and Seres. Its overhangs are 947/1143 mm. Approach and departure angles are 19 and 21 degrees, respectively.

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The Leapmotor C16 has R20 and R21 wheel options. Inside, it has 6 seats with a 2 + 2 + 2 layout. Depending on the powertrain, the C16’s curb weight is 2065 – 2095 kg. Its front and rear tracks are both 1625 mm.

As mentioned, the Leapmotor C16’s powertrain has BEV and EREV variants. The first one has a single synchronous permanent magnet electric motor (TZ220XY008). Its peak power reaches 215 kW (288 hp). With this e-motor on board, the Leapmotor C16 can speed up to 160 km/h. The EREV variant has a 1.5-liter H15R self-aspirated ICE for 70 kW under the hood. It acts as a generator. It also has a single e-motor for 170 kW (228 hp).

The EREV variant of the Leapmotor C16 has a 28.4-kWh LFP battery from CALB. It can drive up to 134 km on a single charge. The battery capacity of the EV variant has yet to be revealed. But we do know it has an LFP battery from Zenergy.

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The Leapmotor C16 will make its official debut at the Beijing Auto Show on April 25. It will rival the Aito M7 in the Chinese market. Later, it can also enter overseas markets.

Source: MIIT