Inicio Policity and Regulation Chinese NEV makers encouraged to develop oversea markets: MIIT

Chinese NEV makers encouraged to develop oversea markets: MIIT

Chinese NEV makers encouraged to develop oversea markets: MIIT
Visitors look at an electric MG Cyberster during the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show in Bangkok, Thailand, March 27, 2024. [Photo/Xinhua]

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China’s top industry regulator, said in an exclusive interview with China Daily that it will step up efforts to encourage Chinese new energy vehicle enterprises to accelerate overseas development, warning that the restrictive measures imposed by a «certain country and region» on Chinese electric cars will undermine interests of global consumers.

The comments came after the European Commission started customs registration of Chinese EV imports in March, meaning they could be hit by tariffs from that point if the EU’s trade investigation later concludes that they are receiving unfair subsidies.

Meanwhile, the US government has announced that it would investigate electric cars manufactured in China.

MIIT told China Daily that such practices not only contravene WTO international trade rules but also disrupt the global automotive industry supply chain, ultimately harming the interests of global consumers.

«Such actions are deemed detrimental to the development of the global automotive industry and could impede the progress of their own electrification transformation processes,» the MIIT said.

According to the ministry, the development of new energy vehicles is an inevitable choice for countries worldwide to promote the green and low-carbon transformation of their economies and societies, and in recent years, China has been committed to pursuing green, low-carbon and sustainable development, aligning with industrial transformation trends and promoting technological innovation, application promotion and infrastructure construction in a coordinated manner.

«China has cultivated the largest consumer base for new energy vehicles, vigorously driving technological progress and industrial ecosystem construction. China has also supplied the international community with cost-effective, diverse and reliable new energy vehicle raw materials, components and vehicles, injecting practical experience and strong impetus into the global new energy vehicle industry,» the ministry added.

The MIIT will strengthen high-level open cooperation in the field of new energy vehicles, ensuring that technological innovation achievements benefit people worldwide, it said.

Specifically, it will enhance policy guidance and support for enterprises to accelerate overseas development tailored to local conditions. The role of the China Automobile Enterprise International Development Innovation Alliance, an auto industry association, will be leveraged to improve policy consultation, product certification, compliance training and other support systems, enhancing international operational capabilities, the ministry said.

Meanwhile, the international logistics system will be optimized, strengthening transportation services such as railways and maritime transportation, MIIT added.

The ministry said it will also step up efforts to promote coordinated standards and regulations, accelerating the alignment of domestic and foreign standards and regulations in the new energy vehicle field. Cooperation with relevant countries and regions in low-carbon development will be enhanced, promoting the establishment of mutually recognized carbon emission and footprint accounting rules to create a favorable environment for global technological application and product promotion.