Inicio EV Xiaomi SU7 launched with 830 km range, starts at 29,900 USD

Xiaomi SU7 launched with 830 km range, starts at 29,900 USD

Xiaomi SU7 launched with 830 km range, starts at 29,900 USD

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Xiaomi SU7 launched in three versions in China, with a price range of 215,900 – 299,900 yuan (29,900 – 41,500 USD). The EV has already hit 59 stores in 29 cities around China, and deliveries will start at the end of April.

Lei Jun started the presentation by welcoming its competitors William Li, CEO of Nio, He Xiaopeng, chairman of Xpeng, and Li Xiang, CEO of Li Auto, who were in the audience. “They all gave us many suggestions in the past years to avoid traps on the road during the EV development,” expressed Jun’s gratitude.

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Moreover, former Chief of Design at BMW Group Chris Bangle appeared on stage praising the SU7. Xiaomi introduced him as one of the top ten most famous car designers in the world, as he was responsible for group brands BMW, Mini, and Rolls Royce. Now, he works as a Xiaomi Auto Design consultant.

“What impressed me is how powerful the SU7 is. It felt like a rocket horse. It would be a great car to have in Europe,” concluded Bangle in his opinion on Xiaomi’s first EV.

It is no surprise that a BMW veteran joined the Xiaomi Auto team, as the SU7 is designed by the team around Li Tianyuan, Xiaomi’s Head of Design, who joined the company from BMW, where he was responsible for the BMW i Vision Circular concept, BMW iX, and the new 7 series.

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The exterior designer is James Qiu, who joined Xiaomi from Mercedes-Benz, where he took care of Vision EQXX design.

Lei Jun previously claimed that the company’s smart driving R&D team consists of 1,500 engineers and today, he presented their outcome. Xiaomi SU7 will have two advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) options:

  • Xiaomi Pilot Pro
    • based on pure vision, like Tesla
    • Nvidia Drive Orin chip with 84 Tops computing power
  • Xiaomi Pilot Max
    • pure vision + lidar
    • City NOA pilot assisted driving future will begin testing in April and be available in 10 cities by May. It will go live in whole of China in May.
    • two Drive Orin chips with 508 tops

Xiaomi SU7 also supports Apple CarPlay and iPad connectivity.

The EV sedan comes in three variants:

SU7 Standard 215,900 yuan (29,900 USD)

  • 73.6 kWh BYD Blade battery 700 km range
  • 0 to 100 km/h in 5.28 seconds and has a top speed of 210 km/h.
  • Xiaomi Pilot Pro ADAS
  • 400V architecture
  • RWD 220 kW, 400 Nm torque

Lei Jun commented that the company actually owes money on this model and hopes they can count the support of their fans.

SU7 Pro for 245,900 yuan (34,000 USD) – same as the Tesla Model 3 in China

  • 94.3 kWh CATL CLTC range 830 km
  • 800V architecture

SU7 Max – 299,900 yuan (41,500 USD). “

  • 101 kWh CATl Qilin, 800 km CLTC
  • 510 km in 15 minutes
  • 0-100km/h acceleration in 2.78 seconds, 265 km/h top speed
  • Xiaomi Pilot Max ADAS
  • 800V architecture
  • AWD, dual motors with a combined output of 495 kW (663 hp), 838 Nm torque