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Why I will not buy the BYD Seal right now: Pros & cons after 25km drive | Team-BHP

Why I will not buy the BYD Seal right now: Pros & cons after 25km drive | Team-BHP

It’s a great car, but personally, I will hold off on my booking for now.

BHPian speedmiester recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I took a long test drive of about 25 km in the BYD Seal yesterday.

Here are my observations.


  • Solid build quality, though I would rate it slightly below the Germans. But not a dealbreaker.
  • The quality of the interiors is top-notch, very easy to find a comfortable driving position.
  • Though it’s over 4.8M long, masks it’s size very well.
  • Excellent mile-munching ability and with over 500+kms range even at high speeds, range anxiety is a distant memory.
  • Ample power in all modes will never feel inadequate.
  • Regen can be set to dynamic which is dependent on speed, traffic conditions and inclination (yes, there is a built-in inclinometer)
  • Excellent clarity from the 360-degree cameras.
  • Seats are very supportive with good lateral and lumbar support.


  • Blunt throttle response which is noticeable in all modes.
  • Hated the turn indicator sound and various chimes, it was a pain.
  • No built-in maps and navigation, which is a big miss for a car in this segment.
  • The software was a bit buggy.
  • Most of the controls are through the main screen, which is a major distraction and a safety concern.
  • HUD is useless in bright light and only displays current speed.
  • I would have preferred a proper instrument cluster; this one is small and is busy with too much information on a small screen.
  • Though I didn’t scrape anywhere, it will be a pain on slightly larger speed breakers and on bad roads.

Personally, I will hold off on my booking. While it’s a great car, I cannot have it as my daily drive. A bit more ground clearance would have been good. Also with a limited number sold in India, spares and parts availability might be an issue.

Besides, with the new EV policy, the prices of many CBU EVs might come down.

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