Inicio Tesla Tesla China registrations listed at 6,000 for Q2 2024’s second week

Tesla China registrations listed at 6,000 for Q2 2024’s second week

Tesla China registrations listed at 6,000 for Q2 2024's second week

Tesla China opened the second quarter of 2024 with a batch of exports and ~1,900 domestic registrations. In the second week of April 2024, Tesla China saw more insurance registrations, though they still presented a decline compared to the figures from the same period in 2023. 

Industry watchers have noted that Tesla China saw 6,000 new vehicle registrations during the week of April 8-14, 2024. This represents a 214% increase week-over-week from the ~1,900 vehicles that were registered in the week of April 1-7, but it also represents a 25.7% decrease quarter-over-quarter. Year-to-date, Tesla China’s insurance registrations are down over 9%.

Tesla China does not report its weekly domestic sales numbers, but a general idea of its overall performance in the local automotive sector can be inferred though new vehicle registrations. Fortunately, Tesla China’s new vehicle registrations are tracked by industry insiders. Some automakers like Li Auto have even taken it upon themselves to post insurance registration results on a relatively regular basis.  

Tesla is seeing quite a lot of competition in China, especially from home-grown New Energy Vehicle (NEV) makers like BYD. The arrival of upstart vehicles like the Xiaomi SU7 has also made the domestic Chinese auto market even more competitive. To attract customers, Tesla China seems to be leaning into its vehicles’ affordability. This was hinted at in a program launched earlier this month, which offered low down payments and zero-interest loans for qualified customers. 

“Can you believe that you can drive away a new Tesla with RMB 80,000 without any interest? The best-selling Model 3/Y has a daily payment of only RMB 154 at most, which is equivalent to the price of a hot pot meal. Change the car into a Tesla. The gas money can be spent on the monthly payment,” Tesla China wrote in its promotional post in Chinese social media platform Weibo. 

Industry watchers in China have suggested that domestic customers have responded fairly positively to Tesla’s current promotions, with some claiming that the electric vehicle maker saw about 12,000 to 13,000 new orders for vehicles from April 8 to April 15. Whether these estimates are accurate or not would be evident in the coming weeks as the domestic customers who ordered their Teslas take delivery of their cars. 

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Tesla China registrations listed at 6,000 for Q2 2024’s second week