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EU Throws Punches, BYD Shrugs! Analyst Reveals Why BYD isn't Affected by EU Tariffs

EU Throws Punches, BYD Shrugs! Analyst Reveals Why BYD isn’t Affected...

BYD doesn't seem fazed by the European Union's new tariffs on Chinese electric vehicle (EV) imports.

European auto stocks fall on uncertainty over China’s tariff response

MILAN (Reuters) -Shares of some of Europe's biggest carmakers fell further on Thursday on uncertainty over how China might respond to the EU's new tariffs on imported Chinese electric vehicles to combat what Brussels sees as excessive subsidies from Beijing. "The risk is that China could also take action that would particularly hit the German OEMs who are exporting to China," said Stifel analyst Daniel Schwarz in Frankfurt. Some investors, however, expect a balanced response from Beijing as Chinese carmakers will still be able to export to Europe, albeit at lower margins.

Europe prepares for China retaliation after EU imposes EV tariffs

As retaliation for the EU’s tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles, China could potentially slap duties on things like European pork and dairy products, as well as brandy and luxury goods.
Here's how the new EU tariffs will impact Chinese EV makers like BYD and NIO

Here’s how the new EU tariffs will impact Chinese EV makers...

After concluding that EVs imported from China have an unfair advantage due to government subsidies, the European Commission said it...

VW responds to EU imposing up to 38% tariffs on Chinese...

Volkswagen Group has responded to the European Commission's (EU) decision to impose additional tariffs of up to 38% on Chinese EVs, following preliminary results of its anti-subsidy investigation which found that prices are being distorted by Chinese state support.

EU to hit Chinese electric vehicles with increased tariffs

The European Commission said it would impose provisional tariffs that would result in Chinese automakers facing additional duties of as much as 38%, up from the current level of 10%

China ready to defend interests as EU tariffs on EVs loom

China will take all necessary measures to "firmly safeguard" its lawful rights and interests after a newspaper reported that the European Commission would impose tariffs of up to 25% on imported Chinese electric vehicles (EVs), its foreign ministry said on Wednesday. After an eight-month long investigation, the Commission, which oversees trade policy for the 27-nation European Union, is expected to notify carmakers on Wednesday that it will provisionally apply additional duties of up to 25% on imported Chinese EVs from next month. Growing alarm over Chinese industrial overcapacity flooding the EU with cheap products, including EVs, is opening a new front in the West's trade war with Beijing, which began with Washington's import tariffs in 2018.

China’s electric vehicle makers face uphill battle in Europe

China has been accused of dumping cheap electric cars on EU countries. But poor sales, price wars and tariff threats have prompted a change of mood among some Chinese auto producers.

EU tariffs put further pressure on China’s EV makers

The EU is set to impose tariffs of up to 38% on Chinese electric vehicles to stop the dumping of cheap cars. But some auto producers are already scaling back investments in Europe due to poor sales.