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Nomi GPT – Nio’s AI assistant just got a whole lot more real

Nomi GPT – Nio’s AI assistant just got a whole lot more real

Everyone loves Nomi but what if Nomi could love us back? Today Nio released a Nomi GPT model and it looks like the AI assistant got a whole lot more intelligent with the ability to learn from its interactions with the car’s users.

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Most people associate Nomi with the swiveling dashboard mounted semi-globe with a face. In truth that is a 4,900 yuan (700 USD) add on for a visualization of the system, Nomi in reality is just the name given to the built in voice assistant in all Nio cars. Currently this system can control car functions and do things like tell jokes and tell you about the weather.

The upgrade concentrates on two areas. Firstly it gives Nomi a unique emotion engine which is key to achieving anthropomorphic interaction and secondly the system gains encyclopedic knowledge about various subjects including science, history, film and television to provide users with a continuous emotional dialogue experience.

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Nomi’s upgrade is a new technical architecture which Nio claims will bring an unprecedented intelligent experience to Nio users. All Nio cars will gain the upgrade through an OTA which updates the Chinese operating system to Banyan 2.4.5. Nio has tailored a large cloud based multi-modal model for Nomi. This integrates self-developed multi-modal perception, a cognitive center, emotion engine, and multi-expert agent.

Diagram in Chinese and English explaining the Nomi GPT model

Nio claim that Nomi can now achieve personality growth through the interaction and companionship with users which allows the system to memorize and learn, so going beyond just a machine.

Like a person Nomi now has both short-term and long-term memory. Short-term memory means Nomi can remember the things the user has talked about recently and the people and things mentioned before. On the other hand long-term memory allows Nomi to remember the user, family and friends along with their preferences meaning that things can be more personalized to them.

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The emotion engine means Nomi can learn and improve faster through continual improvement via real-time feedback, post-event reflection, and artificial training. Furthermore, Nomi through this gains a unique personality and can even apparently dream!

Nomi also has enhanced capabilities for operating car functions such as creating AI car scenes and ambient lighting combinations based on the user’s instructions.  

Editor’s note:

Although XPeng’s Xiao P in my experience works better than Nomi there is no doubt that Nio’s system thanks to the personification is the most fun. The upgrade though sounds like a major improvement. However, it equally brings vision of things like the operating system in the film ‘Her.’ But then if the system grows according to its interactions with you can you end up with situations like Marvin the Paranoid Android or worse still a murderous HAL? We will have to wait to see whether users will end up in arguments with Nomi over opening the window!

One thing I hope the upgrade has helped with is Nomi’s English ability. Nio car’s in China now have an English option for the operating system but Nomi largely doesn’t speak any English apart from a few words.

Source: Fast Technology