Inicio EV Nio’s Model Y competitor Onvo L60 spied in the wild in China

Nio’s Model Y competitor Onvo L60 spied in the wild in China

Nio’s Model Y competitor Onvo L60 spied in the wild in China

New spy shots have emerged of the Onvo L60. Onvo is the English name for Nio’s new mass-market brand previously known by the codename Alps. The Chinese name for the new brand is  乐道 (Ledao).

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Although we have previously seen leaked pictures of an uncamouflaged Onvo L60 the spy shots of this camouflaged version show off the lines of the new car better.

From the pictures we can clearly see some family resemblance between Nio and the Onvo brand with the split headlight design and closed style at the front. Second generation Nio cars have a very prominent watchtower suite of sensors at the top of the windshield. With Onvo it seems there are still high definition cameras but there is no longer a central Lidar unit. This will likely mean that self-driving ability will be largely restricted to the highway.

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Nio swap station specifications mean that any car using them has to have a wheelbase of more than 2800 mm and Fast Technology estimates the Onvo L60 will have a length of between 4.7 and 4.8 meters. We can see from the side pictures that the L60 has hidden door handles, distinctive alloys and a slightly upturned spoiler.

Nio CEO William Li recently did a video from the inside of the Onvo L60. He is 1.8 meters tall and it seems that he comfortably fits into the second row even with someone sitting in front. The car in the video came with a panoramic roof and brown seats which could either be leather or synthetic leather.

We know that the car has been benchmarked against the Tesla Model Y but will be priced around 10% lower and come with features such as a fridge, color TV and sofa like seats.

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Trial production model were produced last October and the Onvo L60 will be revealed mid-May before being launched in the third quarter with deliveries commencing in the fourth quarter.

Nio CEO William Li in the back seat of the Onvo L60

In a break from the mainstream Nio brand’s all dual motor versions the Onvo L60 will be single motor most likely on the rear axle. Presumably Onvo will not offer a dual motor version, or at least not initially. The car will certainly be battery-swappable but there is some speculation as to what kind of batteries the car will have. It is known that Nio have both 60 and 90 kWh LFP batteries which currently haven’t been used on any Nio cars and so it is most likely that these will be used by Onvo. Possibly the 60 in the Onvo L60 actually refers to the battery size.

Prices will likely be in the 200,000 – 300,000 yuan (27,800 – 41,700 USD) region with Onvo positioned below Nio models. We are also now seeing pictures of the Firefly brand from Nio which is specifically aimed at the European market.

Source: Fast Technology