Inicio EV New sedan from BAIC and Huawei to sell for half a million...

New sedan from BAIC and Huawei to sell for half a million yuan

New sedan from BAIC and Huawei to sell for half a million yuan

Top line models of the new Stelato S9 will likely sell for around 500,000 yuan (69,500 USD). The sleek sedan is the first model under the Stelato brand a collaborative venture between BAIC New Energy and Huawei and is the latest attempt by an SOE to produce a premium EV brand.

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We first brought you news of the new brand, called Huazhang in Chinese, last year. The S9 which is called Xiangjie S9 in Chinese was previously known by the internal code name X4. It is a large fully electric sedan with dimensions of 5160/1987/1486 mm (l/w/h), and the wheelbase is 3050 mm.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) filings cover three versions and show there are two power options. Single motor versions use a 227 kW TZ210XYA03 electric motor produced by Huawei Digital Power Technology Co., Ltd., on the rear axle. Filings show that there are two versions with the single motor configuration. Dual motor versions add a YS210XYA03 motor also from Huawei to the front axle, this motor is rated at 158 kW. Batteries are believer to be NCM but the capacity of the packs is not yet known.

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Size wise the car very much competes with long wheelbase versions of the BMW 5 series, Mercedes E-class, and Audi A6L. Most of the technology of the car comes from Huawei and Beijing New Energy is currently one of four companies that have collaborated with the Chinese electronics giant. This venture however seems to be the most upmarket to date.

The front face is equipped with Huawei’s xPixel headlight system and combines functions such as wide light blanket, intelligent welcome, and 100-inch outdoor projection. Sensors including Lidar also come from Huawei.

While the official shots in the MIIT listing show the Stalato S9 with conventional side mirrors we can see that cameras are an option. Such cameras increase the view and avoid blind spots.

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Not only does the exterior look like a scaled up a Luxeed S7 (a sedan produced by Huawei and Chery) but the interior is also similar as well. There is a large horizontal central control screen powered by the HarmonyOS 4 along with a dual 50W wireless phone charging pad. The cabin seems to be tastefully wrapped with wood and leather. Spy shots however seem to show the Huawei’s 75-inch augmented reality HUD is missing from the car.

Stelato S9 interior spy shot

The car rides on an ungraded version of BAIC’s BE22 platform. Prices are likely to range from 300,000 to 500,000 yuan (41,700 to 69,500 USD). Expect to see the Stelato S9 at the Beijing Auto Show next month. Sales will be through Huawei stores.

Editor’s note:

BAIC were at one time one of the leaders in EVs thanks to conversions of ICE cars for use as taxis and ride hailing cars but the company never really managed to adapt to the take up of EVs by private consumers. Last year BAIC New Energy only managed to sell 92,172 cars including the contribution from Arcfox.

It is difficult to see what BAIC will get from this car other than some profit producing the car if it is going to be sold through Huawei sales channels. As mentioned in the article the car looks like a scaled up Luxeed S7 which is produced by Chery and both cars carry prominent new brand names.

It should be noted though that the Beijing Auto Group is no stranger to trying to produce large luxury sedans. Before Hongqi became the car of choice to China’s leaders the Beijing CB4 was in the running before ultimately losing out.

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