Inicio Financial New automotive production plant in Tangier Med

New automotive production plant in Tangier Med

New automotive production plant in Tangier Med

With an investment of 30 million euros, BCS Automotive Interface Solutions’ new manufacturing plant in Tangier will focus on the manufacture of automotive parts. According to Morocco Intelligence, this factory will be built on the Tangier Med industrial platform and will generate more than 500 permanent jobs.  

BCS Automotive Interface Solutions is a German automotive supplier specialising in parts for vehicle interiors. The company has eight manufacturing facilities, the one expected to be built in Tangier will be the ninth. BCS also has design and sales operations in 12 countries in three different regions, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Poland, Mexico, Japan, China and France.  

With a total of $660 million in annual revenues and 3,600 employees, the automotive company is looking to expand its manufacturing facilities around the world. The opening of this manufacturing plant in Morocco would be the first on the African continent, and would encompass the development of its operations on four different continents.

AFP/FADEL SENNA - Línea de ensamblaje de automóviles en la planta de ensamblaje de automóviles Renault-Nissan Tánger en Melloussa, al este de la ciudad portuaria de Tánger
AFP/FADEL SENNA – Car assembly line at the Renault-Nissan Tangier car assembly plant in Melloussa, east of the port city of Tangier

The jobs to be created in this new Tangier branch will be in Engineering, Production, Quality Management, Purchasing and Logistics, Sales and Programme Management. This will boost the local economy and is another of the clear examples of industrialisation within Tangier Med and Morocco together with the extension of infrastructures within the logistics port of Tangier Med, and the generic investment that the Executive is promoting to encourage the industrialisation process of the country.  

In recent years, the Moroccan kingdom has made great progress in the automotive sector. The government has encouraged foreign investment in the sector, which has led to a significant increase in exports. It has also encouraged local investment and the creation of infrastructure that can support the growth of manufacturing companies in the country. 

The automotive sector is one of Morocco’s most important industries. It leads the automotive industry in Africa, with a production capacity of more than 700,000 vehicles per year, with its facilities exporting to 75 different destinations around the world. The automotive industry is a key driver of exports and employment in Morocco, contributing to 28% of exports and supporting more than 148,000 jobs.