Inicio BYD Meet BYD’s first ute: Chinese brand’s plug-in hybrid dual-cab caught without camouflage...

Meet BYD’s first ute: Chinese brand’s plug-in hybrid dual-cab caught without camouflage – EV Central

Meet BYD's first ute: Chinese brand's plug-in hybrid dual-cab caught without camouflage - EV Central

BYD’s incoming ute has been capture without camouflage, giving us our first proper look at what the plug-in hybrid dual-cab will be bringing to the fight against the Ford Ranger and Toyota HiLux.

BYD in Australia has repeatedly says it doesn’t fear the established ute heavyweights, and that it is aiming for best-in-class status in Australia, and now we get our first look at the dual-cab the brand is pinning its hopes on after it was captured by Canal Carros.

A tough front end is framed by a modern-looking light bar, with a black grille and big BYD lettering a central focal point, along with what looks like underbody protection. At the rear, a similar lighter crosses the tailgate, while the alloys and roof rails are both finished in black.

BYD's new ute captured in a carpark

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“(HiLux and Ranger) have been around for a long time. We respect them, but we don’t fear them,” BYD importer Luke Todd told EV Central from the floor of the Tokyo Mobility Show last year.

“Just look at the platforms that are being built (in China). Look at the Seal – this is better technology than anything that’s coming out from any other automotive manufacturer in the world.

“It’s why we’ve got so much confidence in the pick-up. It’s the same thing – it’s a ground-up platform that’s been purposely built, same design team, and then we’ve had the Australian influence as well as some American influence as well because of their desire for pick-ups.

“So that’s why we’re confident for best-in-class.”

All will be revealed soon enough, with the new ute expected to launch by the middle of the year, with camouflaged vehicles currently undergoing final testing in Australia.