Inicio EV Dongfeng eπ 008 to debut at the Beijing Auto Show in late...

Dongfeng eπ 008 to debut at the Beijing Auto Show in late April

Dongfeng eπ 008 to debut at the Beijing Auto Show in late April

Later this month the new Dongfeng eπ 008 will debut at the Beijing Auto Show and teaser images have now emerged of the 6-seater SUV.

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eπ is a new NEV brand under Dongfeng Aeolus launched last year in April at the Shanghai Auto Show. The eπ 007, an EV sedan, launched on March 14 and was the first car to go on sale in what is meant to be a premium brand but presumably positioned below Dongfeng’s Voyah range. The Dongfeng eπ 008 which was previously known by the internal codename S59 will be the brand’s second car.

The teaser images were taken during winter testing and based on these and given that the Dongfeng eπ 008has already been declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) production can’t be far off.

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There appears to be little carry through from the design of the Dongfeng eπ 007 in the new 008 other than a general minimalism. Notably the new car gains a headlight cluster that runs the width of the car at the front and there is a similar light bar at the rear. Buyers have a choice of 20 and 21-inch wheels.

Size wise it is a considerably larger car and so will become the brand’s new flagship. Length is 5002 mm and the wheelbase is a long 3025 mm while width and height are 1972 and 1732 mm respectively. Given the size there should be plenty of space in the third row.

Like the eπ 007the Dongfeng eπ 008 comes both in all electric and extended range guises. A 200 kW electric motor, presumably on the rear axle, powers the all-electric version and it comes with a 82.28 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack for a 636 km range. The range extended version has a four-cylinder 1.5T engine with a maximum output of 108 kW acting as a generator. The EREV version has an all-electric range of 154 km, all ranges are using China’s CLTC cycle. Currently there is no news of a dual motor version but seeing as the Dongfeng  eπ 007 does get this treatment one must be likely.

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Spy shots show that the dashboard of the Dongfeng eπ 008 is largely the same as its sedan sibling. Expect an 8.8-inch LCD instrument cluster, a 15.6-inch floating center display, a dual-spoke multi-function steering wheel, leather seats, through-air vents, and a wireless charging pad with ventilation.

Currently prices are unknown but Online Car Market speculate that they could start at around 170,000 yuan (23,500 USD) to undercut the BYD Tang.

Editor’s note:

Dongfeng are one of a number of Chinese companies that are desperately trying to stay relevant in the Chinese car market. With dwindling joint venture sales and little traction with its own brands the company needs to do something fast. Whether the eπ range has what it takes is questionable given the crowded marketplace and brutal cost cutting.

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