Inicio FCEV Chinese Automaker Unveils Pollution-Free Car Made With Plastic, Seaweed

Chinese Automaker Unveils Pollution-Free Car Made With Plastic, Seaweed

Chinese Automaker Unveils Pollution-Free Car Made With Plastic, Seaweed

One of China’s Biggest Automaker, GAC motors has unveiled a virtually pollution-free hydrogen concept car, coined as the ERA model, during its Guangzhou Auto Show as per Interesting Engineering.

As per the automaker’s post, the «revolutionary ERA concept car» that is highlighted with its pollution-free energy system and an environmentally centered body, reportedly built of aerodynamic materials created from recycled plastic from the ocean, seaweed, and bio-based components showing the company’s «dedication to environmental sustainability.»

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Fan Zhang, Vice President of GAC R&D Center, lauded at the company’s showcase, by emphasizing that «innovation and exploration are at the heart of our journey. The ERA Concept car is a testament to our dedication to leading technological advancement and design innovation, drawing on global talent resources.»

Zhang further added that «tt is the collaborative effort of our global teams including Advanced Design Los Angeles and Milan. It goes beyond being just a vehicle; it represents a visionary statement about the future of new energy vehicle design, crafted for those shaping our world.» 

The director of GAC Advanced Design Milan, Stéphane Janin echoed this notion by stating that «the ERA Concept Car embodies [the company’s] vision for the future – a design that’s both powerful and elegantly simple, harmonizing with the emerging era of clean technology and energy.» 

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A Premium Yet Sustainable Vehicle

The vehicle supports coach doors, similar to those seen in Rolls Royces, making entry and egress easier for passengers. The front fascia has a full-width light strip ornamented with a sophisticated geometric pattern that increases heat dissipation while smoothly integrating headlights, sensors, and cameras. 

ERA’s interior is said to support «elliptical and organic curves, premium materials like bio-based mycelium leather, and a color scheme transitioning from sunrise orange to sunset purple,» the carmaker claimed of the inside.  

The ERA model also has smartly built seats – wherein consumers can flip around the front seats to face the back, allowing everyone to communicate.

The back seats may be extended out for further comfort or utilized as additional seating. A convertible central portion may be converted into a table, allowing for gatherings of up to six people for conversations or socializing. When taking a break on the road, the rear armrest converts into a table for tea or simply relaxing.

A Pollution-Free Hydrogen Vehicle

The ERA model is reportedly completely based on GAC’s cutting-edge multi-energy platform design, which includes hydrogen fuel cells and 200kw distributed motors on the rear axle, described by the report as a future-proof customized design.

This configuration produces a remarkable 540 horsepower, an astounding 800-kilometer range, and zero emissions. As a full-size 4WD crossover SUV, the ERA smoothly integrates elegance and performance, with large cabins within its 5413mm length and 3132mm wheelbase, and a minimum ground clearance of 244mm for adaptable mobility. 

Looking forward, Stéphane Janin stated that more of the same environmentally-centered vehicles can be expected, by saying that «GAC will continue to pioneer in developing technologies and designs that provide diverse, eco-friendly, and exhilarating mobility solutions.» 

Despite the fact that GAC exhibited a model vehicle at the Guangzhou Auto Show, there is no word on whether the Era concept car would be produced or the timetables linked with it.  

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