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China’s Struggle with Abandoned EVs: Are They the New Polluters?

China’s Struggle with Abandoned EVs: Are They the New Polluters?

Electric cars, representative of eco-friendly vehicles,

have recently been produced in such large quantities

that they are ironically being cited as a cause of environmental pollution

With the introduction of various regulations on internal combustion vehicles and restrictions on the operation of old diesel cars, the market share of eco-friendly vehicles (hybrids, electric cars, hydrogen cars) has naturally increased. Of course, the journey to this point was not without trials and errors, and there is still a long way to go, but now, these cars have become more familiar to many people than before.

The problem lies in the market situation where electric cars are indiscriminately produced to capture the market share in eco-friendly vehicles. Ironically, this situation is raising concerns about environmental pollution. There is a growing voice worldwide that excessive production of electric vehicles leads to environmental pollution. This can be confirmed just by looking at the current Chinese car market.

The “electric car graveyard” was created by a decrease in demand in China

In various parts of China, abandoned electric cars have piled up, creating spaces known as “electric car graveyards,” which have become a headache. As sales recently decreased, consumers aren’t looking for electric cars, leading to their disposal or abandonment in specific places.

The frequent model changes and excessive launch of new cars, reminiscent of fast fashion, have exacerbated this situation. The decrease in battery performance during winter and expensive maintenance and repair costs are also reasons consumers are turning away from electric cars.

Too many manufacturers and models

It is seen as a way to counteract the U.S. and Taiwan

There are more than ten electric car manufacturers in China alone, including BYD, SAIC, Nio, Geely, Huawei, GAC, Li Auto Inc., XPeng, Changan Auto, and Great Wall Motor, and each brand has countless models. The cheap labor and production costs in China may seem like an excellent opportunity to experience a variety of electric cars at different price ranges, but this is merely superficial.

In reality, not many people prefer Chinese-made cars. China’s excessive production of electric vehicles seems more like an attempt to counteract countries like the U.S. and Taiwan and establish its brands in the market rather than to consider consumers and leave profits to companies.

International production and disposal scrutiny is needed

Reconsidering whether electric cars are genuinely eco-friendly

It’s time to seek proper environmental regulations and solutions for vehicle production, use, and disposal. It is not just China’s problem; the international community needs to limit excessive vehicle production, adjust production volumes, and strictly inspect vehicle management and disposal processes.

It’s noteworthy to see what impact it will have on the future car market outlook and international situation, as electric cars, which were created to reduce the production of internal combustion vehicles and protect the environment, are ironically destroying the environment.

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