Inicio BYD BYD Yuan UP launches on March 19, starting at 11,000 USD

BYD Yuan UP launches on March 19, starting at 11,000 USD

BYD is preparing to unveil its latest addition to the Dynasty series with the launch of the Yuan UP. It will debut on 19 March with an expected starting price of 79,800 yuan (around 11,000 USD). Similarly priced as the BYD Destroyer 05 Honour Edition (Chaser 05 / Chazor / King DM-i in overseas markets).

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Yuan UP continues the Song L design language, it showcases a “dragon face” according to BYD, with a black trim encircling the car. Notably, it features semi-concealed door handles and a “floating roof”. The Yuan UP is designed more for urban driving than rugged terrains. It falls into the crossover vehicle category, akin to models like the Kia Soul, but with a more curved design.

The Yuan UP is built on the e-Platform 3.0, also used on the Atto 3. It has a dimension of 4310/1830/1675 mm and a wheelbase of 2620 mm. It comes with two optional e-motors, with power outputs of 70 kW and 130 kW. Depending on the chosen battery option, ranging from 32 kWh to 45.1 kWh, it can cover distances of 301 to 401 km on a single charge respectively.

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Inside the Yuan UP, the cabin showcases a D-shaped steering wheel with a signature Yuan (元) logo with an 8.8-inch LCD instrument cluster. It also features a versatile 12.8-inch center screen capable of rotating.

The seats, wrapped in perforated leatherette, offer power adjustments. The center console houses a wireless charging pad, a crystal gear selector, and physical buttons for essential functions. The interior is brightened by a huge panoramic roof and mixed color schemes such as black and beige or pink, charcoal, and light gray. The backseat provides a flat floor for enhanced comfort.

The BYD Yuan UP also boasts a MacPherson suspension in the front axle and a torsion beam in the rear for a balanced and comfortable ride. The Yuan UP has been arriving at BYD dealerships, gearing up for launch. At just 79,800 yuan, we can expect this car to be a hit for BYD.

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Source: IT-Home