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BYD teases new sedan Qin L

BYD teases new sedan Qin L

Previous rumors have suggested that the Qin L would be one of the first models to feature ‘s next-generation hybrid system, DM 5.0.

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BYD (HKG: 1211, OTCMKTS: BYDDY) has begun warming up for the Qin L, which will be the latest addition to its hot-selling Qin family.

The Qin L is about to be unveiled, and it will set a new trend for mid-size sedans, BYD said on Weibo today.

BYD’s Weibo didn’t offer much more, but shared three posters showing some of the Qin L’s exterior.

The Qin L is a hybrid midsize sedan with length, width and height of 4,830 mm, 1,900 mm and 1,495 mm, respectively, and a wheelbase of 2,790 mm, according to a regulatory filing in February.

As a comparison, the BYD Qin Plus DM-i has a length, width and height of 4,765 mm, 1,837 mm and 1,495 mm respectively, and a wheelbase of 2,718 mm.

This means that the Qin L has longer and wider dimensions than the Qin Plus DM-i.

The Qin L is powered by an engine with a displacement of 1.5 L and a maximum power of 70 kW. Its electric motor has a maximum power of 120 kW.

The model weighs 1,660 kilograms and supports a top speed of 180 kilometers per hour.

The car has two range variants with battery capacities of 10.08 kWh and 15.874 kWh, and battery ranges of 60 km and 90 km, respectively, according to previous filings.

Below are images from a regulatory filing for the Qin L.

Notably, it was previously rumored that the Qin L will be one of the first models to feature BYD’s next-generation hybrid system, DM 5.0, with fuel consumption of just around 2.9 L per 100 km NEDC mileage. The current Qin Plus DM-I fuel consumption is 3.8 L per 100 km.

BYD launched its DM (Dual Mode) hybrid technology platform in 2008 and rolled out its fourth-generation DM platform in 2021, dividing the technology into DM-p, which is more performance-oriented, and DM-i, which is more energy-efficient.

On March 27, BYD chairman and president Wang Chuanfu said in an investor communication that the company will launch its fifth-generation DM hybrid technology in May, which will reduce fuel consumption to 2.9 liters per 100 kilometers on a low charge and give the vehicle a range of up to 2,000 kilometers on a full tank of fuel and full charge.

On April 8, local automotive media Yiche reported that BYD’s new model, the Seal 06, will be the first to feature the fifth-generation DM-i hybrid system.

As a mid-size sedan, the Qin L is expected to be affordable, with some car bloggers who follow BYD previously speculating that the model could start at around RMB 120,000 ($16,580).

BYD sold 302,459 new energy vehicles (NEVs) in March, up 46.06 percent year-on-year and up 147.29 percent from February, according to data it released on April 1.

The Qin family sold 40,569 of these vehicles in March, up 150.6 percent from February, with cumulative sales exceeding 1.41 million units.

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