Inicio BYD BYD revealed Fang Cheng Bao Super 9 electric convertible supercar concept

BYD revealed Fang Cheng Bao Super 9 electric convertible supercar concept

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During the Fang Cheng Bao Spring Conference, the company revealed three new hard-core EVs: two SUVs, Bao 3 and Bao 8, and a convertible Super 9 concept. The Super 9 was created by BYD’s Head of Design, Wolfgang Eggert, an ex-Lamborghini and Audi veteran.

Fang Cheng Bao is a high-end brand under BYD that focuses on electric SUVs. It has one car on the market – Bao 5 (Leopard 5), and it has previously teased two other SUVs, Bao 3 and Bao 8. The unveiling of the convertible sports car Super 9 is a quiet and easter egg.

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The Fang Cheng Bao Super 9 concept is a good-looking two-seater with scissor doors. It is expected to be a battery electric vehicle (BEV), not PHEV like Bao 5 (Super 5). The production version will most likely be called Bao 9.

The car features a dual cockpit and integrated carbon fiber seats. The steering wheel looks more like something from a spacecraft.

The Super 9’s rear features dual tail lights shaped like the Fang Cheng Bao logo and a bridge-like rear spoiler. On the side of the car, you can notice the number 30, which points out the BYD company’s 30th anniversary.

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Fang Cheng Bao is BYD’s third and latest brand, launched last summer. It is positioned under premium YangWang and above the Denza subbrands. BYD took a different sales approach with its subbrands, replacing the traditional dealership model with direct-operated stores. BYD built 70 Fang Cheng Bao stores around China in 2023 and wants to bring that number to 150 in 2024. The Shenzhen-based company often takes over stores and showrooms of premium legacy brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or Aston Martin.