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‘America has oil – China has electric’: Donald Trump rages EVs will DESTROY auto industry

Former US President Donald Trump has claimed the rise of electric vehicles will «destroy» the automobile industry, in an exclusive interview with GB News.

Speaking to presenter Nigel Farage in his official residence, Mar-a-Lago, Trump vowed to obtain the «most gasoline in the world» as nations around the world continue the drive for electric vehicles.

Trump, who is set for an election rematch against Joe Biden this November, revealed his plans for The White House if he secures election victory and pledged to crack down on the growing US border crisis.

The former President also shared his view on Prince Harry’s residency in the US and claimed he could be «kicked out» of the country if he is found to have lied on his visa application.

Electric vehicle and Donald Trump

Donald Trump has claimed electric vehicles will ‘destroy’ the auto industry

Getty / GB News

Discussing his MAGA Rally speech in Ohio, Nigel questioned Trump on his views of the car manufacturing industry and the future of petrol and diesel cars in the US.

In his speech, Trump claimed there would be a «bloodbath» for the American automobile industry and the country if he was to lose the next election.

Reflecting on Trump’s comments, Nigel said: «Clearly you were talking about an economic bloodbath in terms of the car manufacturing industry, and what China was doing, setting up in Mexico.

«And yet, this is what’s being pushed, picked up by left wing media sources all over the world. It’s quite interesting.»

Nigel Farage and Donald Trump

Nigel Farage sat down with the former US President in an exclusive interview

GB News

Trump claimed that the left-wing media «picks up on things all of the time».

Trump explained: «It’s going to be a bloodbath, in the auto industry, because we’re gonna lose our whole industry, because this guy’s going to all electric cars, and they’re made in China, that’s where the material is, that’s where the minerals are, that’s where everything is.


«They’re going to all be made in China. And they want to go all electric cars, one of the dumbest… they don’t go far, and they cost too much.»

Blasting the push for solely electric cars amid global targets for net zero, Trump added that drivers «can get electric if they want it, but you’ve got to have other forms of propulsion.»

He pledged to continue to provide gasoline and boasted that the US will have the «biggest supply in the world».

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has claimed the US will have the ‘most gasoline in the world’

GB News

Trump told GB News: «We’re going to have gasoline, we have more gasoline than any country in the world, meaning oil, oil and gas. And we have it and they don’t want us to use it, you figure that one out.

«So the electric mandate is going to destroy the auto industry. And I said, it’s going to be a bloodbath. It’s going to be a terrible bloodbath for the auto industry. They’re being led right down there.

«I guarantee you that the people within that industry, the workers are with me, because the United Auto Workers, it’s going to be put out of business.»