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6 Best Chinese Electric Cars of 2023 – They’re Shaking Up Auto Giants Like Tesla, BMW, and Mercedes

6 Best Chinese Electric Cars of 2023 - They're Shaking Up Auto Giants Like Tesla, BMW, and Mercedes

We present to you – 6x the best Chinese electric cars. Over the past twenty years, the Chinese have acquired vast knowledge from Western countries, and now is the time to put this knowledge to use. At first they focused on high-tech products, such as smartphones, where they dominate today. For example, it’s hard to find competition for a smartphone like it is iPhone, which only they can make. Electric cars, which are basically «tablets on wheels», thus represent an area where the Chinese have a great advantage. However, it is not just the technological advantage that separates them. It is also about their mentality, ambition and desire to prove themselves. They want to prove that a system like communism is capable of creative thinking and bringing innovative solutions. That’s exactly why the Chinese government strongly supports start-up companies in the automotive industry. And so it otherwise violates certain international rules on state support for industries.

Here is The 6 best Chinese electric cars, which giants like Tesla, BMW and Mercedes, watch with concern.

#1: Zeekr X: Chinese “Golf” with Power of 422 Horses

You’ll feel electric when you hear about the Zeekr X. This newest member of the Geely brand family Zeekr is poised to outshine the competition and set new standards in the electric vehicle market.

Zeekr X it’s not just another electric car. It enters the segment dominated by Hyundai Ioniq 5, Cupra Born and Volkswagen ID.3. But the Zeekr X does it with more confidence and style, similar to what Tesla would do with its Tesla Model 2. This car is like a breath of fresh air in the automotive industry, bringing futuristic ideas that are usually only seen in concept vehicles.

It is powered by Geely’s Sustainable Electric Architecture (SEA). Two versions are available: with one engine and with two engines. The dual AWD motor with a silicon carbide battery packs a whopping 315 kilowatts (422 hp) of power. This little beast accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 3.7 seconds, making it one of the fastest compact electric cars.

A Zeekr X it’s not just speed. With a range of up to 560 km for the rear-wheel drive model and 512 km for the four-wheel drive model, it is the ideal companion for longer journeys. The battery has a capacity of 66 kWh, so the real range is around 380 kilometers.

Practicality? Of course! The Zeekr X offers the option of four or five seats, with power-folding rear seats. The volume of the trunk varies between 362 liters and 1,182 liters, which provides enough space for all your adventures.

The interior is a real technological marvel. A panoramic double-layer glass roof, a large 14.6-inch screen, a wireless phone charging station and ambient lighting are just some of the features that will impress you.

And the price? A pleasant surprise! The basic rear-wheel drive model is available for 25,500 euros. The model with four-wheel drive costs from 28,000 euros.

The Zeekr X will be available in the Chinese market in June, and we can expect it in Europe later this year. With all its features and an affordable price, the Zeekr X is a truly promising vehicle in the electric car market. That’s why it’s one of the best Chinese electric cars on the list.

#2: Avatar 12: A really nice gran coupe

Avatr, a Chinese automotive association between Changan, CATL and Huawei, unveiled their second EV model in Munich yesterday, marking their entry into the European market. The Avatr 12, a stylish four-door coupe that looks like a sedan, boasts a Halo Display screen on the hood that allows communication with people outside the car.

With impressive dimensions of 5,020 mm (197.6 inches) in length, 1,999 mm (78.7 inches) in width and 1,460 mm (57.4 inches) in height, the Avatr 12 offers two powertrain options. The rear drive is powered by a 230 kW (313 hp [313 hp]) electric motor, while the all-wheel drive uses a 425 kW (578 hp [578 hp]) dual Huawei motor. Both models draw energy from a battery with a capacity of 94.5 kWh, which allows a range of between 650 km (403 miles) and 700 km (434 miles).

The interior of this Chinese EV is a feast for the eyes. A stretched dashboard with a display that spans the entire width and a central touchscreen where you can find all the apps and settings. Above you is an electrochromic glass roof that you can switch between transparent and opaque.

Safety is ensured by as many as 29 sensors, including three Lidar sensors and a high-performance central computer, which make up the Huawei Advanced Driving System (ADS) 2.0 driving assistance system.

A little history for context: Avatr was founded in 2018, and their first model – the 11 (pronounced “one one”) crossover EV – was launched in China in 2022.

The Avatr 12 is not just another electric car on the market. It is a symbol of innovation, technology and design that comes from China. If you are looking for a car that will turn heads and set new standards, the Avatr 12 is the right choice for you. Although it will travel a long way to Europe, we can still expect it after 2025.

#3: NIO ET5T: the ultimate family wagon

NIO ET5T is more than just a new model in NIO’s line of smart electric vehicles. This innovative electric station wagon boasts exceptional performance, exceptional spaciousness and advanced technology. With the possibility of acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4 seconds, a spacious interior with as much as 1,300 liters of total volume and the advanced AQUILA Super Sensing driving assistance system, the NIO ET5T is designed for those who do not want to give up the spaciousness and practicality of a station wagon at the same time but they are looking for an environmentally friendly and high-performance alternative. At the same time, this is a car for families. And the Chinese know exactly who they are addressing. These are the family men who drive the Volkswagen Passat today!

The NIO ET5T boasts the second generation of the NIO design language, combining elegant aerodynamics and a dynamic silhouette. With its length of 4,790 mm, width of 1,960 mm, height of 1,499 mm and wheelbase of 2,888 mm, the ET5T adapts to the daily needs of modern families. At the same time, it enables the installation of a trunk with a load capacity of 75 kilograms. Which is essential for families.

Thanks to a cleverly designed panoramic glass sunroof measuring 1.35 m² and capable of intelligent dimming and protection against 99.99% of UV rays, the ET5T ensures a comfortable and bright ride.

Inside, NIO ET5T offers cutting-edge technology such as PanoCinema, which provides an intelligent digital experience with 256*256 color combinations and a 7.1.4 surround sound system. Combined with the N-Box connected infotainment system and optional NIO Air AR glasses, drivers and passengers can enjoy a private cinematic experience.

It also provides a spacious interior, with a total seat length of 1,857mm, independently folding rear seats and a total boot volume of 1,300 litres, which can be expanded by lowering the boot lid.

NIO ET5T boasts NIO’s proven powerful dual-motor drive system, which enables acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 4 seconds. Thanks to its advanced aerodynamic properties (Cd0.25) and perfect 50:50 weight distribution, the ET5T ensures stability and control in all driving conditions.

With 33 high-performance sensors and an advanced LiDAR system, ET5T offers assistance and intelligent driving that allows drivers to be more aware of their surroundings and situations on the road.

The ET5T is designed according to the highest safety standards in Europe and China, with a strong steel and aluminum hybrid body that provides maximum protection for passengers. It is equipped with seven airbags, including a central airbag that offers additional safety.

The NIO ET5T is available in ten exterior colors, including NIO 2023 Sunlight Gold, and six interior themes. The model is already available for test drive and order in China, with prices starting at 37,839.89 euros for the 75 kWh battery version and 28,951.33 euros for the BaaS (Battery as a Service, or rental) version. Delivery in Europe is expected in the fourth quarter of 2023. Of course, the prices for the EU market will be different.

With this ET5T model, NIO has shown that an electric station wagon is not only possible, but also practical, comfortable and versatile for modern families. With forward-thinking design and innovation, the ET5T is truly a car for the future. That’s why it’s one of the best Chinese electric cars on the list.

#4: XPeng G6 – the family giant

XPeng G6 unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show in April, the XPeng G6 is quickly becoming a real threat to Tesla’s Model Y. Production began in May and sales will begin on June 29. The first deliveries are already planned for July, which can only mean one thing: don’t underestimate the speed of the Chinese dragon!

Powered by 800V SiC architecture, the G6 offers incredibly fast charging, adding 300 kilometers of range in just 10 minutes of DC fast charging. And it’s like trying to eat a giant Chinese hot pot meal in an hour – mission (almost) impossible. The company has yet to release information on battery capacity, but reports from China suggest that the G6 will be available with two battery options: a 66 kilowatt-hour Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery and an 87.5 ternary (NMC) battery kilowatt hours.

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