Inicio EV 2024 Avatr 12 launched in China 4,850 USD cheaper than before

2024 Avatr 12 launched in China 4,850 USD cheaper than before

2024 Avatr 12 launched in China 4,850 USD cheaper than before

Only days after announcing the Avatr 12 sold over 40,000 units since it launched in November 2023, Avatr launched a new Avatr 12. During the launch event, Avatr introduced 4 new trims of the Avatr 12 prices ranging from 265,800 to 378,800 yuan (36,800 – 52,500 USD). Discounted up to 35,000 yuan (4,850 USD) from its initial offering of 300,800 yuan – 400,800 yuan (41,650 – 55,500 USD). The 4 trims are:

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  • Intelligent 700 RWD: 265,800 yuan (36,800 USD)
  • Luxury700 RWD: 278,800 yuan (38,600 USD)
  • Performance 650 AWD: 318,800 yuan (44,150 USD)
  • GT 650 AWD: 378,800 yuan (52,450 USD)
Avatr 11 SUV at the Thailand Auto Show

Avatr was initially founded by Changan New Energy and Nio in 2018. But William Li’s company distanced from the JV due to financial reasons. CATL replaced Nio in the joint project, holding 17% of the shares. Changan owns 40% of the shares, while the rest belongs to various investment funds. In this project, Huawei acts as the leading supplier. Currently, Avatr’s model line comprises two models: 11 SUV and the freshly updated 12 hatchback.

Avatr 12 exterior and powertrain

The new car continues its design offering a new fluorescent gold paint. The new paint uses color-changing paint pigments. The colors will vary at specific angles. The front of the Avatr 12 is equipped with LED light strips containing 10,500 light beads, which can display different scenes after OTA updates. At the rear, Avatr has no a rear window which allows for a larger trunk. Avatr cars use high-def cameras replacing traditional rear-view mirrors.

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The large sedan measures at 5020/1999/1460 mm with a wheelbase of 3020 mm. Avatr 12 AWD variants are equipped with the Huawei DriveONE dual-motor system. It has maximum power of 195 kW and 230 kW for the front and rear motors, respectively. RWD variants have a single motor with 230 kW of power. The car’s batteries from CATL offer a range of 650 km from AWD variants and 700 km from the RWD versions.

The Avatr 12 also has 94.5-kWh ternary NMC battery for 650 – 700 km (CLTC), depending on a battery. Worth mentioning the top-trim level Avatr 12 also offers air suspension.

Avatr 12 interior

Inside the cabin, it is powered by the Huawei’s HarmonyOS 4 and ADS 2.0. It comes standard with Nappa leather seats and steering wheel. The front seats feature dual zero-gravity seats with temperature adjustments, and massage. The center console has physical buttons used for essential controls. It also houses a 15.6-inch touchscreen. The car has 27 speakers, 64-color ambient lighting, and with personalized schemes.

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The new car is equipped with the Avatr OS 3.2.0 car system. It includes functions such as NCA (Navigation Cruise Assistance) that can automatically adjust travel speeds according to speed limits. It can also slow down the car at toll stations. The new Avatr 12 comes standard with three laser radars.

Furthermore, Avatr announced that it is the first to use Panshi skateboard chassis jointly developed by Changan and CATL. It claims the car will not catch fire or explode during a front collision at below 120 km/h.

This year, Avatr 12 will also get a variant with an EREV powertrain on board. It was recently spotted in China during road test covered with camouflage. Its specs have yet to be revealed. The Avatr 12 EREV will be assembled at the same plant with the Deepal SL03 (L07). Moreover, Avatr aims to launch two more cars this year: Avatr 15 crossover and Avatr 16 sedan.

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