Inicio Concept Cars Toyota reveals plans for two new EV models for China

Toyota reveals plans for two new EV models for China

At the Shanghai auto show, Toyota presented two new BEV concept models that the Japanese carmaker plans to bring to market in China in 2024 together with its local partners. In addition, the bZ3 electric sedan has now officially gone on sale.

Specifically, these are the bZ Sport Crossover Concept, which will be produced and sold as a series model by FAW Toyota, and the bZ FlexSpace Concept electric SUV for production and sale by GAC Toyota. The two concept vehicles follow different approaches: The crossover is designed to appeal to “younger Generation Z customers” and offer them “a personal space”. The bZ FlexSpace Concept, on the other hand, is a family-oriented vehicle with a focus on utility.

Toyota did not give any details about the technology of the two concept cars in the press release – except for the fact that the powertrains are battery-electric. Nevertheless, there are likely to be differences: The bZ Sport Crossover Concept, for example, is being developed by Toyota itself, FAW-Toyota, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing China (TEMC) and BYD Toyota EV Technology (BTET) – via the Toyota-BYD joint venture, BYD’s Blade battery technology is likely to be used, as in the bZ3. The bZ FlexSpace Concept developed by Toyota, GAC, GAC-Toyota and TEMC, on the other hand, could be based on EV technology from GAC or its subsidiary GAC Aion – but this has not been confirmed.

As reported, Toyota is planning a total of ten new BEV models by 2026. So far, Toyota offers the bZ4X electric SUV globally and the bZ3 electric sedan in China, which is now officially going on sale there and for which Toyota has booked 5,000 orders so far.

Just in time for the Shanghai auto show, the e-sedan based on Toyota’s e-TNGA platform with battery and electric motor from BYD is available in China in three versions. These start at prices of 169,800 yuan (22,495 euros), and the top model is listed at prices from 199,800 yuan (26,500 euros). This means that the regular sales prices also correspond to the prices called in the pre-sale of the bZ3 since the beginning of March. (concept cars), (market launch bZ3)