Inicio Concept Cars Nissan heads to Tokyo Auto Salon 2024

Nissan heads to Tokyo Auto Salon 2024

Nissan heads to Tokyo Auto Salon 2024

YOKOHAMA, Japan – The Gen3 car that will compete in Japan’s first Formula E «Tokyo E-Prix» in March 2024 will be on display at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024. The all-electric racecar will be joined by concept versions of the Caravan, X-Trail, Roox, and March as well as NISMO road car lineups for a new world of customization.

In addition, two vehicles from Nissan Motorsports & Customization (NMC) will be exhibited from AUTECH.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 will take place at Makuhari Messe from Jan 12-14. Nissan’s booth will also have a selection of Nissan and NISMO-brand merchandise.

On the day of the event, the booth and talk show will be broadcast live on Nissan’s official YouTube account, and the booth will be shared with fans through interactive communication. More details will be announced as they become available.

Nissan Formula E Gen3 racecar
The Nissan third generation machine unveiled in December 2022, is specially body-wrapped in impressive coloring that features the cherry blossom flower that symbolizes Japan. The model set to take on the Tokyo round of the Formula E Championship scheduled for March 2024.

Disaster Support Mobile-Hub
Based on the Caravan, this Disaster Support Mobile-Hub model has been customized to serve as a mobile support hub in times of disaster. Equipped with multiple sets of “Portable Battery from LEAF” launched in September, the model is aimed to secure lifelines and bring other solutions in disaster-stricken areas.

X-Trail Crawler Concept
Based on the authentic SUV model X-Trail, the X-trail Crawler Concept has a boosted off-road flavor and gear toughness. The exterior represents a world of rock-crawling, running through steep and rough terrain, and the luggage area contains the tools that have always been looked for in the X-Trail.

Roox Beams Customized Concept
Based on the new Roox launched in June, the concept was curated by Japanese fashion house Beams that runs specialty boutiques for accessories and sundries. Versatile denim fabric is used for both interior and exterior decoration to give the impression of a vehicle that makes everyone feel like going for a ride. The playful approach unique to BEAMS is embedded in the model, enabling drivers to be themselves.

March Customized Concept
This customized version of the March explores a new way of cherishing used cars. Following the Cube Refreshed & Retro Concept presented at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2023, The concept explores a vehicle that accompanies the lives of the young with style and inner strength, and has been tailored to a pastry chef, as an example of young people who have found their vocation.

X-Trail Autech Sports Spec Concept
Serena Autech Sports Spec Concept

Autech is a brand that inherits the craftsmanship of NMC that has been accumulated through the manufacturing of a wide array of custom cars, and extends styling with a sporty and luxurious feel. The Serena Autech incorporates a spirit of sports and class and is equipped with a multi-bed system. The X-Trail Autech is based on the X-Trail. Both concepts further enhance the sense of luxury, enabling a linear, fun, sporty, comfortable and stable ride from city driving to long drives. Concepts that bear premium sports brand name Autech pursue the highest level of quality in driving, as well as interior and exterior designs.

From the Nissan GT-R MY2024 unveiled in March, the Nissan GT-R NISMO will be displayed. This model pursues the highest performance in the history of the GT-R with maximized racing technology, polished aerodynamics, and tuned suspension, while delivering improved cornering performance thanks to added front mechanical LSDs.

Fairlady Z NISMO
The Fairlady Z NISMO is equipped with exclusive aero parts and tuned exclusively for NISMO 420 PS, maximum torque 520N・m(53.0kgf・m). The vehicle features powerful acceleration and agile shifting thanks to improved gearshift response and durability.

Skyline NISMO
The Skyline NISMO was developed to be the ultimate GT car. So that it can be driven faster, more comfortably, and with peace of mind, the Skyline NISMO combines aerodynamics and chassis technologies that utilize NISMO’s unique racing technology. While expressing the strength of the Skyline of yesteryear, the low and wide stance of the performance sedan gives it a strong presence, and the NISMO-specific engine and acceleration tuning have achieved a driving performance and appearance that is the culmination of the Skyline GT.


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